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The Trip to Pirate’s Cove

The Trip to Pirate's CoveYou guys, this skein of Mano Del Uruguay has sat in my stash for ages. I would ponder what to do with it, scour Ravelry for the perfect pattern, and never find something that would work with how busy the variegation of colors was a problem! I’m not one to be okay with having a problem and not coming up with a solution. I’m a problem solver… which is when The Trip to Pirate’s Cove came to light

I planned out the design, I balled up my yarn (or had Curt do it since he enjoys hand winding balls of yarn lol), and set out on my adventure.

As soon as I hit the first dropped stitch section, it was game over. I was hooked on the journey and wasn’t turning back. The shawl was incredibly addictive for me to knit. Based on the feedback from the fantastic rhyFlower Test Team they were super addicted to it as well. During the test, there was an array of magical colorways used from semi-solid to a gradient to some busy hand-dyed yarns that I had personally dyed. There isn’t a yarn that was paired up with this shawl design that didn’t work! The super busy yarns made the dropped stitches pop, the semi solids had such a tranquil feel to them. I had found a solution, not only to the busy skeins in everyone’s stashes but for any solo stash that’s been lingering around waiting for a mate. Love that!

For a bit of variation, Janie added a Picot Bind-off to shawl which added a fantastic effect. You’ll find photos on her project page here.

The Trip to Pirate’s Cove is available on our website here or Ravelry.

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