Monthly Recap June 2019

I will keep this brief, as there are far more eloquent members of the knitting community who can explain this far better than I ever could. There’s been a movement for months in the knitting community to remove a lot of hate and bring about equality, inclusivity, and safety, for EVERYONE regardless of race, sexuality, ability, religious views, etc. and I’ve been supporting that within the community, leaving platforms that didn’t support designers of the BIPOC community and so forth. Ravelry made a move to help remove some of the hate from their platform with a new policy, which has pushed the already apparent divide in the community even further.

So nobody is wondering what my stance is on the matter (and has been for months), I do support Ravelry’s decision to remove hateful content from their website and further the efforts to provide a safe space for every human in the knitting community. I will continue to stand with BIPOC & LGBTQ+ designers and community who have been standing up and speaking out for months for a more inclusive safe space. I will continue to embrace my fellow humans with kindness, regardless of whether they agree with my stance. I will not fuel hate with more hate.

What have I been working on this month?
  • Summer Whimsy – Testing and tech editing wrapped up for this beautiful shawl featuring Log House Cottage on July 5th, and it will be ready for release July 12th! I can’t wait to share it with you all.
  • Edziza – This shawl featuring Log House Cottage, is named after a Canadian volcano (CANADA HAS VOLCANOS! WHO KNEW?!). It reminded of lava with the stunning colorway, and after some research, I feel like Curt and I need to go on an adventure to visit some volcanos in Canada. There’s a couple of them; mind-blowing. I guess it never really dawned on me that it was a thing, even though we have tons of astonishing mountains. Testing for Edziza is in progress and runs until July 19th, which will land Edziza on Ravelry July 26th!
  • Jumping in Puddles – This fun to knit, easy to remember, sock pattern features Turtlepurl‘s A Stroll Down Ducksworth Street. I cannot even begin to get over how wonderfully the yarn and the stitch mesh together, giving these beautiful stripes a new look! Jumping in Puddles heads to the test team mid-July and will land on Ravelry August 23rd.
  • Rødsildre – a one skein wonder shawl, featuring a lovely skein of hand dyed yarn I had received as a surprise from Bente of ArcticCrafts. Rødsildre plays well with busy yarns and will undoubtedly help utilize some skeins lingering in stashes. It heads to testers in July and will make its debut on Ravelry on August 9th.
  • I have two untitled designs on my needles that are using Log House Cottage‘s new base, which is a merino, mohair, nylon blend. The squish and softness are out of this world! They will enter the world in September!
  • I have begun creating low-visibility versions of my patterns, to make them more accessible and inclusive to the knitting community. While I’ve been slow going in doing so, all of them will eventually contain a low-visibility version, and I’m ensuring new releases have versions right from the start. I plug away at them during my downtime with other business related tasks.
What yarns have I been using this month?
What else has been going on in my world?
  • June 21st brings about Summer, as well as my aunts birthday! My aunt, who is like a mother to me, had a lovely celebration. I make her the cake of her choosing every year, from scratch, and this year she wished for Angel Food Cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream (I used the recipe found here). We spent the day out on their acreage, played some of her favorite board games, and drank some lovely Saskatoon berry wine. The weather let up quite nicely.
  • We’ve started renovations, beginning with the Sunroom that sits in the front of the house, facing west. As I mentioned last month, there’s a lot of blue painted in our house haha, which included the sunroom (BLEH!). With one of the walls of the sunroom having the same siding as the house itself, I wanted something that would make the room calmer and a bit more tied together. We painted the rest of the walls the same color as the house (the color match Home Depot did was terrific!). They had plywood on the floors, so we put in vinyl floors to accommodate a puppy who gets super excited watching the neighborhood from the sunroom, and we wanted the flooring to be durable for it to be a bit cooler out there in the winter (those windows won’t hold heat well). Everything should be said and done before Curt’s birthday on July 7th,
Books I read/am reading on this month
Podcasts I’ve been listening to while I work
My mental health Struggles
  • June required coming down from the last three months of H-E-double hockey sticks that I’ve been going through. I am happy to report I am starting to feel like my goofy self again. While all the unpacking and stuff were going on, I would have rated my anxiety level an 8.5 out of 10; I was not pleasant to be around (poor Curt!). We’ve also had an abundance of rain here this month, so the lack of sunshine hitting my eyeballs and amplified my depression quite a bit.
  • As I regain my identity, I find that I’m left feeling guilty about being happy. Not in the sense that I “don’t deserve it”, because I genuinely think everyone deserves happiness (even me!), but that I shouldn’t be happy while there’s so much going on in the important communities in my life.
  • Therapy is back on schedule! Noted by my therapist, my demeanor is a lot calmer than it had been the last couple of month, which means it’s physically noticeable how awful things really had been. We’ve resumed my EMDR therapy, which is going well. Reprocessing the memories I’ve acquired during my lifetime has really helped restructure my way forward as well.

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