What have I been working on this month?

  • Wildflowers –  Featuring Log House Cottage has been finished up with the test team and will release on September 6th.
  • Green Pastures – Currently in testing – is a shawl design that again features Log House Cottage‘s new base. This shawl design uses two different colors of fingering weight yarn and is an asymmetric triangular shawl. Green Pastures is scheduled to release September 20th.
  • Hocus Pocus – a sock pattern featuring Turtlepurl Yarn‘s The Brew colorway, which will release October 4th since it’s spooktastic (yeah, I went there!)
  • Strange Magic – a sock pattern featuring Turtlepurl Yarn‘s brand new Bewitching colorway, which will release October 4th as well! We shall have a trick-or-treat double sock feature.
  • Two undisclosed sock patterns for an upcoming collaboration – unfortunately I can’t relay any information about them until the patterns go live. The test team has been working on a very stealthy knit with the patterns.
  • Tansy – A one-skein wonder featuring Celtic Raven Fibres
  • Turtle Lake – A one-skein wonder featuring Celtic Raven Fibres
  • Unnamed shawl Featuring Log House Cottage‘s new base, which is a merino, mohair, nylon blend.
  • Unnamed shawl – A one-skein wonder featuring Ancient Arts Fibres
  • Low Visibility versions of Apollo, Artemis, The Strength Within, A Stitch in Time, Mermaid Kisses, and Amphitrite.

What yarns have I been using this month?

What else has been going on in my world?

  • August plays host to my mother’s birthday, and while we haven’t been in contact for nearly a decade, I do hope she has a lovely birthday.
  • We have a range hood! That’s right, the house hadn’t had one in the 100 years of its existence. Let me tell you how awful that was when I was melting down brown sugar for a cake, stepped away for a moment (brown sugar doesn’t take long to burn), and suddenly the smoke detector was going off… which also happens to be attached to our security system… so basically the whole neighborhood was informed that I was burning brown sugar and alarms were blaring lol. Anyways, without a hood fan, clearing the smoke and smell out took forever! Curt had planned on installing one prior to the incident since we like to cook with spices and without one our eyeballs would be burned out when he makes salsa or relish.
  • I’m a bird whisperer! I’ve befriended a couple of chickadees in the neighborhood who happen to eat out of my hand. They are slightly different in coloring on their chests, which is the only way I’m able to differentiate them, so I’ve just been naming them all Charlie. Charlie the chickadee.  They are all incredibly sweet trusting little birds and feel so neat when they cling trustingly to my finger as they take some feed. The bird feeder happened to have been empty one Saturday morning, so I went to go out and fill it, muttering to Curt that I think I could “snow white that shit”, which he exclaimed I couldn’t do and went about working on installing the range hood. It wasn’t long before I was back in the house with photos of the little bird on my hand – his mind was blown! He thought he would give it a go… and nothing happened. He decided it was a fluke and went back to renos, and since I’m very “prove you wrong” I went back out to hang with the birds. Before you know it, I had another one on my hand ready to have some lunch. Curt was amazed! He eventually stood next to me while I talked to the birds and one landed on, I couldn’t leave him fully out of such an amazing experience.  Hand feeding the chickadees has become part of my daily routine, and I absolutely love it. It brings me so much joy!
  • We’ve discovered the dog park near us – so we go often for an hour and Merlin runs his little heart out and plays with his new friends. Everyone we’ve encountered there is really nice, so we are making this a new healthy habit for not only Merlin but ourselves (Curt and I need the walk too!).
  • Had an awesome game night with friends and finally broke into Escape Room. We played through the first of four adventures the game has and managed to solve it in just over an hour. So, while we didn’t escape, we did figure it out. I think we over complicated it in a couple of phases lol. Being that we are all super analytical nerds, it was pretty much the only way it would go down lol.
  • Merlin cracked a nail and became the saddest creature on the planet. He was walking from the sunroom into the house and stepped on the ledge of the door frame funny. There was a snapping sound, similar to the sound of a human bending their nail back if you’ve ever managed that. Merlin is such a calm dog; he didn’t even react and went about his business like nothing even happened. The nail hadn’t fully broken at this point, and I wasn’t about to be the bad guy to rip the rest of the what looked like a hangnail off. I could see some blood-forming as it snapped near the start of his “quick”, but he still wasn’t bothered, so I let him be. Eventually, the end of his nail came off naturally. We had him go to the vet just to be sure all was well, and they wrapped his little paw up to stop anything from getting in there while it was healing since the “quick” was quite exposed and dosed him with some antibiotics for a few days. He is all well now, back to his bouncy boxer self, but the poor little guy was not thrilled having bandages for a few days and having to cancel his playdate with his buddy Raymond.

New to me recipes I tried this month

Books I read/am reading on this month

Podcasts that I’ve been listening to while I work this month

My mental health Struggles

  • Things have been good. I’ve been learning more about who I am, who I want to be, and what I need to do to get from who I am to who I want to be. I’ve been standing my ground on issues that matter, I’ve been using my voice, and I’ve been happy. I’ve found my purpose and feel I’m making a difference in the world in my own little way. I’ve been doing weekly check-in’s in our Facebook group to see how everyone is doing because mental health issues can feel incredibly isolating and so letting people know someone is there and cares has become a very important part of my life. The messages I get and feedback, people’s willingness to be open and share, and being told how much my checking in and being open about my struggles has made their lives better bring me such an overwhelming joy I cannot even put it in words.
  • I feel the need to do a cleanse of those who are around me and whom I allow in my life. I currently have a couple of people in my world who think its acceptable behavior to make racist jokes, who consistently criticize those who have absolutely no impact on their life and body shaming.   When I’ve called people out on their behavior, it becomes a lost cause as they justify their behavior due to their upbringing. No accountability for their behavior is made, their choice to message me spewing bad behavior and continuation of the awful cycles we have in society of demeaning marginalized people. When people justify this kind of hateful behavior, they become a lost cause and someone who isn’t needed in my life. I am more than happy to be there for people to vent to when needed, but when you’re unnecessarily tearing down another human based on their race, gender, sexuality, ability, or physical appearance, you can assume I’m going to shut down the conversation in a hurry. If you feel the need to ever tear someone else down based on any of those things, you may want to do some self-evaluation, because that’s a fault in your humanity, not theirs. Figure out why you’re feeling that way and work on bettering yourself. I will not be a party to bullshit behavior.
Poor little hobbled Merlin
Charlie the Chickadee
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake – Topped with Blueberries & white chocolate

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