I feel like July flew by in a blink lol. It was busy, and yet I feel like I did nothing.  We’ve still had quite a lot of rain here in Edmonton, peppered with hot days in between. It’s rather hard to become accustomed to the heat when it’s surrounded by cold rainy days, so I’ve been feeling the heat more than normal this year.

What have I been working on this month?
  • Rødsildre – a one-skein wonder shawl, featuring a lovely skein of hand-dyed yarn from Bente of ArcticCrafts. Rødsildre plays well with busy yarns and will undoubtedly help utilize some skeins lingering in stashes. Bente and I will be hosting a knit along for Rødsildre from August 9th-September 9th in the rhyFlower Facebook Group
  • Jumping in Puddles – A sock pattern featuring Turtlepurl Yarn‘s A Stroll Down Ducksworth Street is currently in testing and is scheduled to release on Ravelry and the rhyFlower Website August 26th. The texture in this sock pattern plays incredibly well with self-striping yarns, so start poking in your stash now!
  • Wildflowers – Currently in testing –  Featuring Log House Cottage‘s new base, which is a merino, mohair, nylon blend. Wildflowers is my first mirrored sock pattern,
  • Green Pastures – Currently in testing – is a shawl design that again features Log House Cottage‘s new base. This shawl design uses two different colors of fingering weight yarn and is an asymmetric triangular shawl.
  • Hocus Pocus – a sock pattern featuring Turtlepurl Yarn‘s The Brew colorway, which will release in October since it’s spooktastic (yeah, I went there!)
  • Two undisclosed sock patterns for an upcoming collaboration – unfortunately I can’t relay any information about them until the patterns go live.
  • Finished Curt’s 2019 sweater (I make him one sweater a year!) – This year I knit Brookings Crew by Marie Greene in Madelinetosh’s Nassau Blue colorway. You can find my project page on Ravelry here for photos of Curt enjoying his new sweater. For his 2020 sweater, Curt would like an “old man sweater with pockets” – so if anyone has pattern suggestions I’m all ears!
What yarns have I been using this month?
What else has been going on in my world?
  • Curt’s birthday was on July 7th! We had a lovely time with friends, board games, and a different variation of Strawberry Shortcake. He asks for Strawberry Shortcake EVERY year on his birthday, so I used this recipe and it was an absolute hit!
  • The sunroom renovation officially completed! What a buttload of work that was lol. Curt went to change the screendoor, realized how they framed the door prior, and things just snowballed from there. He ended up reframing the windows, we painted the walls to match the siding of the house (like I may have mentioned, EVERY ROOM is a different shade of blue in this house lol), did baseboards, and put down new flooring. We bought new furniture for it, found a baker’s rack to refurbish for plants out there (my cactus seems happier!), and Curt restained an old table that my grandfather had build probably 50 years ago. I AM SMITTEN! It feels so calm to sit in and knit, watching George the squirrel eat walnuts from his feeder. Rainy days are amazing out in the sunroom. I cannot even begin to express how wonderful it is that Curt has the skills to turn eyesores into something amazing. We’ve been happily having chess matches out there every weekend with our morning coffee. It’s heavenly! ♥
Books I read/am reading on this month
Podcasts that I’ve been listening to while I work this month
My mental health Struggles
  • I’ve been having weird memories, the most prominent taking place at my grandmother’s in BC. Growing up, we would spend summers visiting my dad’s side of the family, and as we got older sharing a room with my brother just became awkward, so I started sleeping out in the sunroom. The memory of this never bothered me before, but the sudden image of a shadowy figure on the sidewalk leading up to the sunroom had shaken me to my core. I’m not someone who breaks down easily, but the imagery of this broke me right now. I have a lot of emotion attached to a memory that I logically don’t believe as being real. It’s quite the conundrum. We processed it during my EMDR therapy, and it no longer causes me to completely meltdown, but the disconnect between the logic and emotion still has me quite baffled. Particularly when I believe it’s a false memory. When my therapist asked if I had recently watched a movie or anything with that kind of imagery, I had to confess that I usually have my head down and am knitting, so anything in a movie really goes unseen by me (hence my love for podcasts!). These are the times I wish I still had contact with my parents because I’d have someone to ask about the memories that I have. Alas, I guess that’s what I have a therapist for lol. To figure shit out.
  • I have found that my anxiety has been super high, like always for no reason. Things in my life are going really well, but that elephant on my chest feeling just doesn’t want to let up. I attribute it to my brain restructuring things, but still, it’s a pain in the tush!

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