Shawl Shaping 101: Basic Bottom-Up Square

Bottom-Up Square Shawls are the easiest to start with. It’s just like knitting a gauge swatch! You’ll cast on the number of stitches you need to obtain your desired square width, then work it flat until the length of your shawl is the same as the width. 

With Gauge, stitch gauge and row gauge do NOT match. You’ll have more rows than you do stitches in a square. To accurately achieve a square, you will be working off a blocked gauge swatch for your math to work. It’s
more accurate to work your length based on a number of rows, not a specific measurement.

Note: This formula can also be used to determine a blanket size!

Shaping Rule

This shawl has no shaping, therefore there’s no increasing!


  1. Determine the desired width and length you’d like to achieve.
  2. Measure the stitch and row gauge of your blocked gauge swatch.
  3. To determine how many stitches you’ll need to cast on: Multiply the width by stitch gauge.
  4. To determine how many rows you’ll need to work: Multiply the length by row gauge.


  1. I desire a 52(132 cm) square
  2. My blocked swatch gauge is 4 stitches by 6 rows = 1(2.5 cm)
  3. Number of stitches to cast on: 52x 4 (stitch gauge) = 208 stitches
  4. Number of rows to work: 52x 6 (row gauge) = 312 rows


Using your preferred cast-on, cast on the number of stitches calculated. Work the number of rows required to obtain your desired length.

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