Hey gang!

Ravelry has added a step into the process that’s going to make things easier for the test team in the long run. They’ve created the ability to link to the pattern before the pattern goes live on Ravelry! Cool, right?!

I’ve screenshot the steps below to make things easy peasy on you.

Step 1: You’ll create your Ravelry project page as you typically do. (If you don’t know how to do so, please visit this tutorial from Ravelry)

Step 2: Once your project page is created, you’ll then “edit project”


Step 3: Enter in the Special code you were given in the tester email that went out with the pattern in the “pattern name” section. Once that’s entered, scroll down to the bottom of your project page and click “save”.


Step 4: When this is done correctly, it will automatically change the name of the pattern to the current test you’re working on and will automatically link it to the pattern once I hit that magical publish button when it goes live on Ravelry. It also changes the project page itself by giving you the official “Tester project info”. So neat! This will also show me in the back-end who is currently testing it and has their project already linked up to the pattern. This will be helpful so I don’t have to chase people down to complete the final step of a test. Win-win!