Into the madness – It all started with a piece of string.

Founded on a spark of creativity, a little piece of string, and a heart full of passion. We’ve evolved since our very first pattern, Irish Whiskey, debuted in March of 2016. This small business has grown in many ways that we could never have imagined! With the addition of Curt’s handcrafted yarn bowls and the beautiful translations of Janie, rhyFlower Knits has managed to thrive from what was once a one-woman operation to an eclectic group of talents. All this was followed up by a tech editing division to help other designers bring out the best in their creations; all this from that one spark.

rhyFlower Knits founder, Melinda Measor, firmly believes that having the right tools for a project begins with a well-written pattern. Without clear, concise instructions, the relaxing rhythmic flow of knitting begins to unravel rather quickly and become an unnecessary frustration. Through an in-depth pattern structure, you’ll aspire to learn new techniques and empowered with the skills required to make your next project a success!

Want to jump in on the conversation and see what’s brewing? You’ll find us on Facebook & Instagram! Janie and Melinda are also very active in the rhyFlower Facebook Group. Feel free to join us and introduce yourself. We love meeting fellow fiber enthusiasts.

About Melinda

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Melinda – Designer & Tech Editor

Melinda Measor was born and raised in Edmonton, AB, Canada. She still calls Edmonton home, where she lives with her darling boxer puppy Merlin and the love of her life Curt. Fueled by her creative spirit, she’s plunged herself full-time into the fantastic industry of a hand-knit pattern designer and tech editor.

Dealing with the creative madness, Melinda uses her passion for design and math as an outlet to develop unique knitting patterns inspired by color, texture, and her surroundings. She also uses these skills to help empower other designers and help them build their confidence in the industry of design through her tech editing and coaching services.

Melinda has had knitting patterns featured in Knitcrate, Yarncrush, Addicted to Sock Knitting Ezine, Muskoka Sock Box, and many more. Melinda also self-publishes many designs on a variety of popular websites. You can find her on Ravelry, Love Crafts, Knit Companion, Knitcrate, and on the rhyFlower Knits website.

About Curt

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Curt – Model & Woodworker

Curtis Miller is a fellow Edmontonian, originally from the Sturgeon County area. He grew up helping out his dad on construction sites. Curt became obsessed with wood crafting after growing up in the environment of constructing buildings from the ground up or participating in complete overhauls during renovations of commercial sites.

Curt has always been a fan of hand-knit items, an appreciation developed from his mom and grandmother, so when he met Melinda and learned of her knitting passion, he was quick to embrace the hobby (and girl!) with open arms. As you can probably imagine, Curt has a considerably extensive hat collection and is always drooling over new ones as they come off the needles.

Often seen as the face of the company as he’s the male model of Melinda’s knitwear patterns, Curt is more than just a pretty face, he’s the talent behind the unique yarn bowls found at rhyFlower Knits. In 2017, Curt purchased a lathe and further developed his woodworking/craft skills and start woodturning.

About Janie

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Janie – French Translator

Janie Tremblay is from Sherbrooke, Québec, where she lives with her two daughters, Alexa and Éliane, and their adorable cats Rosie, Oreo, and Pantoufle. She works as a school psychologist and teaches at the University of Sherbrooke for future phys ed teachers. Janie began knitting mainly baby blankets and socks over twenty years ago. In the fall of 2016, she fell down the rabbit-hole of hand-dyed yarns and more complex patterns and hasn’t come up ever since. Janie knits (and crochet) at the speed of light and never ceases to cast-on new projects. Always curious about learning new skills, she has a profound appreciation of the designer’s will to create patterns that are fun and challenging.

The love affair with rhyFlowerknits started in the summer of 2017 when she test knit a pattern, Nexus, for the first time. The collaboration never stopped, and she test knits most of the rhyFlower designs along with the test team. With the desire to make the patterns accessible to the French-speaking community, she’s also the official French translator!

About Merlin

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Merlin – Human Resource Manager

Merlin is a flashy fawn boxer, born March 5th, 2017, who is Melinda’s constant companion and sanity keeper. Often seen in Melinda’s home office, Merlin is the guardian of yarn. Necessary to ensure Melinda finishes up projects before heading over to grab more yarn and starting a new project.

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