Resources for Knitwear Designers

Resources for Designers – I went through a lot of trial and error as a designer, learning as I went. I couldn’t find any tools to help me along the way. Through those processes, it struck me that other budding designers may potentially be in the same boat. Creating these checklists enabled me to move into a full-time knitwear designer role.

It’s no secret – designing is a lot of work!

Taking an idea, turning it into a reality. Having that reality checked by test knitters and a tech editor. Marketing your final product to your ideal niche – there are a ton of steps in that process, and it can be easy to miss a step.

These resources are what I use for every design I publish to keep me on the right track.

If you have questions and would like to book a one-on-one coaching call, please feel free to email me;

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