Pattern Launch Strategy


After all the work of creating, writing, tech editing, and test knitting your design, you’re now prepared to release it into the world!

Creating the right kind of buzz about your pattern when it goes live can make or break it’s debut success.

I utilize Trello and have a “new pattern template” that contains all the checklists I use for pattern designing – which includes the one below as well as the pattern design workflow. I just make a “copy” of that board for each design and start plucking away at all the tasks that go into a design. I’m a fan of keeping things as digital as possible, plus it updates on all my devices so I can access it anywhere.

Alternatively, you could print out the checklists when you get an idea and begin working my way through it. This will not only help to stay on task but to ensure a high quality of work is going into each design and staying consistent from pattern to pattern.

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Have questions and would like to book one-on-one coaching call? Email me;