Stylesheet Development


Ready to give your self-published patterns a professional style, increase consistency, and stick to your unique brand? This workbook will help you fine-tune all the tiny details of your brand style sheet for your stunning knitting patterns.

Why are brand style and consistency important?

  •  It’ll help your tech editor keep your patterns consistent with your brand style, on top of saving you money in tech editing costs as you’ll be sending them a more consistent pattern.
  • You’ll have happier knitters, and in turn, happier knitters turn into repeat customers who will feel confident buying your patterns time and time again.
  • It’ll help make designing more efficient – you won’t have to flip through all your old designs to figure out what you used.
  • Brand consistency will convey a more authentic story to your community.

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If you have questions and would like to book a one-on-one coaching call, please feel free to email me; melinda@rhyflowerknits.com

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