Pattern Roundup: Afternoon Tea

Super easy to follow, this is the second sock pattern of yours I have knit and they are easy to follow along with. I also like that you put in where the knitter can adapt to their preferences for parts like the heel/toe. – Nicole, Test Knitter

Pattern Roundup: Afternoon Tea – The inspiration for this sock pattern evolves from a few different things. My favorite childhood book was Alice in Wonderland, I always loved how outrageous all the characters were.  I was particularly drawn to the hatter’s tea party, so when I came across Potion Yarns’ “Unbirthday Party” colorway, it brought me right back to that delightful part of the book.  Lastly, this all came together around my birthday, which occurred in the middle of a pandemic, so it felt very unbirthday!

Worked in the round, Afternoon Tea contains both cuff-down and toe-up written directions and a chart for the pattern stitch. The pattern has instructions for an afterthought heel, but you may substitute whatever heel you enjoy using.

The pattern is written for the magic loop method for knitting socks; however, the design could be worked on double-pointed needles or mini-circulars instead should you prefer.

Techniques used in Afternoon Tea

  • 1/1 LC
  • 1/1 LPC
  • 1/1 RC
  • 1/1 RPC
  • Knit
  • K2tog
  • M1L
  • M1R
  • Purl
  • Ssk
  • Yo

Yarn Used

Potion Yarns – Johana’s Dryad base is absolutely delightful 3-ply 80% SW Merino 10% Cashmere 10% Nylon base. It’s incredibly soft, and the plies are gently spun together to create a

Instagram: @potionyarns

Yarn Substitutes – Any fingering weight yarn that allows you to obtain a gauge of 9 stitches by 11 rounds in stockinette = 1” / 2.5 cm, after blocking.

Where to buy Afternoon Tea

Pattern Modifications

If desired, you could work the stitch pattern along the backside of the sock as well. Alternate heels and toes could be plunked into the pattern as well. You’ll find alternatives here.

This sock pattern could easily be knit as ankle socks as well, perfect for summer when paired up with lace.

Afternoon Tea Tester Projects

Check out the tester’s projects! Want to test for rhyFlower knits? Join the tester pool on Yarnpond here.

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