Pattern Accessibility Formatting


Unlock the Magic of Knitting for Everyone with Pattern Accessibility Formatting

Imagine a world where knitting enthusiasts of all abilities can enjoy your patterns without any barriers. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, welcome to the digital age! Making your designs accessible to visually impaired knitters is now easier than ever! By offering accessible patterns, you’re developing a more inclusive brand. This can help you stand out in a saturated market of knitwear designers. Plus, you’re spreading the joy of knitting to even more people!

What is Pattern Accessibility Formatting, You Ask?

Let’s break it down into two amazing formats:

Low-Visibility Accessible Patterns (LVA)

This layout is for knitters who need a larger, clearer font. They use specific font families, font sizes, and line spacing. They also only contain written directions (no charts). This provides a format that best suits the needs of legally blind or visually impaired knitters. This ensures they don’t miss out on the fun of your gorgeous design.

Screen-Reader Accessible Patterns (SRA)

Remember the days when knitters would ask their friends or family to read a pattern into a voice recorder? Well, those days are long gone! SRA patterns are written in a way that enables devices with read-aloud functions to work. Now, knitters can use their trusty devices to navigate through a pattern row by row.

How Does it Work?

You’ll send us your pattern and we will do the rest! We’ll provide the accessible formatted patterns as separate PDFs. They’ll have been checked with the read-aloud function across many devices. We can even help you with creating an accessibility statement for your pattern description. We’ll also help you choose the right tags to make it discoverable by those who need these formats. The best part? This service doesn’t need to be combined with our other services! This means we can work on your entire back catalog of patterns if you want to focus solely on accessibility.

Why Choose Us?

Not to brag, but our expertise in Pattern Accessibility Formatting is top-notch. We’ve learned from industry leader Renee Van Hoy in her Writing Accessible Patterns for the Blind and Print Challenged class. We’ve put in years of effort collaborating with legally blind knitters and carefully attending to the community’s needs. We publish our own patterns in various formats, so we recognize the significance that it has for knitters. We can take your written pattern and change it to meet accessibility guidelines with our knowledge and resources. Crafters who rely on screen readers and/or large print will thrive with your designs.

Let’s Chat!

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Our goal is to make this process as easy and delightful as a warm, fuzzy scarf for you. Feel free to email us anytime, but please note that our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm MST. We’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible within those hours.
Ready to make the leap into the world of accessible knitting patterns? Contact us for a quote and let’s make knitting magic happen for everyone!

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Pattern Accessibility Formatting