Pattern Grading

Imagine unveiling your exquisite knitting pattern, whether it’s a chic sweater, a cozy hat, or snug socks, to the world. The excitement is palpable, but there’s one essential element missing – size inclusivity. Don’t fret! As #sizeinclusivity gains momentum, we are here to transform your pattern dreams into reality with our professional pattern grading service.


Pattern Grading: Your Knitting Fairy Godmother

Designing patterns is an art, and not everyone has the time or expertise to grade patterns themselves. Fear not! We are your reliable sidekick, ready to swoop in and elevate your one-size pattern into a versatile, size-inclusive masterpiece. Our commitment to making patterns more accessible and enjoyable for all knitters drives us to provide comprehensive grading services for a wide range of designs, from garments to accessories.


Our Magical Process Unveiled

Wondering how we weave our enchanting transformation? Here’s a glimpse into our secret sauce:

  1. You design and knit your sample size and draft your pattern while keeping your preferred sizing standards on brand.
  2. We diligently tech edit your pattern and expertly grade the sizes within your desired range. All the details are seamlessly added to your editable pattern.
  3. Your pattern undergoes another round of tech editing for final checks, ensuring the highest quality before it enchants knitters everywhere.

Voila! You receive a completed pattern, captivating knitters of all sizes.


Pattern Grading: Investment and Timeline

Our fairy godmother services start at $200, with prices scaling up to $800 per design based on project type, size range, and pattern complexity. Like a magical spell, our process typically unfolds over 3-4 weeks, crafting a comprehensive and size-inclusive pattern.


Confidentiality and Respect for Your Intellectual Property

Pattern grading is a highly professional service that values confidentiality and respects your intellectual property. At rhyFlower Knits, we understand the worth of your creative work and treat all files sent to us with strict confidentiality. Rest assured that your patterns, charts, schematics, and any other materials remain secure and protected throughout the process. Once the project is complete, we do not retain any of your intellectual property, granting you full ownership and control over your designs. Our commitment to professionalism extends beyond patterns; it includes safeguarding your creative assets and respecting your unique vision. Partner with us for pattern grading services that prioritize the integrity of your work and maintain the confidentiality you deserve.


Communication: Your Trusted Knitting Support

We understand that the design and grading process can be intricate, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our eagerness to address your queries and provide valuable feedback makes us your reliable support system. While our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm MST, feel free to email us anytime. Rest assured, we’ll respond promptly within those hours, ensuring your journey is smooth and enjoyable.

Embrace Size Inclusivity: Let’s Elevate Your Patterns Together!

Are you ready to embrace size inclusivity and create knitting patterns that welcome all enthusiasts? Let us join forces and foster a more welcoming and inclusive knitting community for everyone. Together, we’ll revolutionize your patterns, making them accessible to all, and take knitting to new heights of creativity and inclusion. To explore more services, click here.


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Pattern Grading