Pattern Grading

As #sizeinclusivity becomes more prominent in the knitting community, designers are offering more sizes in their patterns from head to toe! How is this achieved? Pattern grading is the process of creating a range of sizes for a single design based on information provided with your sample and following industry body standards.

Not all designers wish to grade the pattern themselves. This is completely fair as it’s quite a time-consuming process. We are thrilled to provide pattern grading as a service to help out with that step in the design process.

Pattern grading doesn’t just happen with garments. You’ll find more and more that designers are offering hats, shawls, socks, and everything in between in a multitude of sizes, making them easier for knitters to get just what they need out of their patterns!



The Process

You design and knit your sample size, fully write your pattern, and let me know what sizing standards you’d like to follow.

I will tech edit your pattern, take all the information you provide within it, grade the sizes in your range, and add the information to your pattern.

Then, I’ll send it to my tech editor to check it for grading and technical issues. You receive a completed pattern, ready to go straight into testing.

Cost depends entirely on the type of project, size range you’d like to include, and pattern complexity: usually $200-800 per design. The entire process takes approximately 3-4 weeks from start to finish. 



I am quite quick to respond to your questions and help to the fullest of my abilities. My goal is to make the process as easy peasy for you as I can, providing whatever feedback and conversation about your design that you need. My office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm MST. Do feel free to email me any time, but please understand you may not hear back from me outside of my office hours until the next business day. I am happy to email you as frequently as you need through the process.

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