Pattern Roundup: Jerrah

This was an exciting knit. The pattern is clearly written and the cable and bobble texture really brings the beanie to the next level. This hat was a pleasure to knit and lives up to the RhyFlower name! – Bella, Test Knitter Pattern Roundup: Jerrah – One of my long-term testers and wonderful friend, Jerrah, and I had never knit a project where the lace mohair was going to run alongside the regular yarn for a project. There are loads of sweaters and stuff out there that use the technique, but we thought it would be fun to work up READ MORE

Pattern Roundup: Romilly

There was never really a point at which I was like, “oh, here we are at the boring part.” It was very engaging and meditative! – Liisa, Test Knitter I am thrilled to announce the release of a new rhyFlower design, Romilly, a cable and bobbled filled hat pattern. January 2019 is when I finally reached out for professional help to deal with my PTSD, anxiety, and depression head-on after a bit of a mental breakdown. I’d be lying if I said it was an easy decision to make, but it was an essential one. It has been a journey READ MORE