Test Knitting

You are steps away from becoming an intricate part of the rhyFlower Knits design process! The rhyFlower Knits test team receives callouts via email when a new pattern is ready for them to test, giving them the chance to get their hands on a design before publication. Alternatively, you can join our tester pool on Yarnpond.

Things to contemplate before applying;

Pattern testing involves a lot of work, so are you ready to take on this workload and stick to the designer’s timeline? Look at the designer’s previous work, is it your style? Are the designer’s patterns something you’d want to make or have knit from before? Are you comfortable bringing up mistakes to the designer?

Test knitters should be able to;

  1. Adhere to a schedule – Designers schedule test knitting around release dates, so being able to stay on schedule is essential!
  2. Professional communication style – They confirm receiving patterns, they understand the expectations of the test through written direction and ask questions when they don’t understand something.
  3. Adaptable – They’re able to adapt to test knitting processes and follow rhyFlower protocols easily.
  4. Read EVERYTHING – From the initial pattern email that goes out to the pattern itself, they read everything involved in the test, and ask questions if they don’t understand.
  5. Get gauge – Knowing how to swatch correctly and obtain gauge is essential and more than just looking at a yarn label.
  6. Follow the pattern without any modifications – They do not alter the design in any little way, shape, or form.
  7. Make notes throughout the project – From the moment you read through the original pattern, to when you’re sending in your final feedback through the rhyFlower Knits completion form. You should be taking notes. Life is busy, so expecting yourself to recall everything at the end doesn’t do yourself or the designer any good.
  8. Share your project on social media (unless it’s specifically a stealth test) – Sharing your project with your follows means the world to designers, it’s social proof that other knitters easily replicate the design! This is invaluable!

We look forward to hearing from you! Fill out the Test Knitting application below:

PLEASE NOTE Your Ravelry ID or Instagram ID as your portfolio to review your previous projects to ensure you’re a good match for the skillsets required for our test knitting team. If your Ravelry account has no projects (with photos) OR your Instagram account is set to private/no knitting projects are visible on the account, you will not be considered for the test team.

If approved to join the team is approved, you’ll see an email in 1-2 business days welcoming you to the team. You’ll be invited to join our Test Team Facebook group where you can meet other members and see what awesome projects they’re currently testing, and access to the test knitters expectations page to prepare you for success!