Here are the guidelines for participating in pattern testing for rhyFlower Knits. The purpose of this is to provide you with a clear understanding of the expectations pre-test, during the process, and post-test. Please read this document carefully before replying to a Tester Callout. Volunteering to participate in a rhyFlower Knits test implies that you have read and understood the testing requirements and agree to comply with them.

Testing Requirements

  • Internet Access – You will need reliable internet access for the duration of the test. You will need to have secure email access, particularly at the beginning and end of the test period. It is helpful if you are a member of the rhyFlower Knits Facebook group but, not required. I do post in there prior to callouts going out so people know ahead of time of upcoming tests.
  • Pattern Instructions – You will need to knit the pattern exactly as written unless the design allows you a choice (you’ll see “or your preferred method” in the pattern), or I specifically instruct you otherwise. Please do not change pattern elements, construction methods, gauge, etc. unless I notify you to do so.
  • Pattern Gauge – You should match the gauge stated in the pattern, not the gauge recommended for your yarn or your usual gauge. Complaints about ending up with a different sized item and not having obtained gauge falls on the knitter, not the designer lol. If you can’t match both stitch and row gauge, it is more critical to match stitch gauge unless I tell you otherwise.
  • Yarn – Please use the yarn weight specified in the pattern. Please don’t substitute another yarn weight.
  • Finished project – The finished project for a test is yours to do with as you please. Sharing pictures of your progress on social media is fine! I do request that you ensure none of the instructions or techniques are present in the post. If you use #rhyflowertestknit, I’ll happily repost your beautiful work (so long as the privacy settings on your profile allow me to do so 😊).
  • Copyright – Please respect the pattern copyright. You may not share the pattern with your family or friends, post it on the internet, sell or give away copies, or in any way distribute or share the design, in part or whole, without my specific written permission.

Testing Limits

  • Numbers of Tests – I must limit the number of test knits each person can participate in simultaneously. Most testers will only be allowed to do one test knit at a time.
  • Completion – You may sign up for another test as soon as you have completed all the requirements of your current test, including feedback emailed to me.


  • How Many – At least one reasonably clear picture of your completed test is required.
  • Where – Photos may be emailed, posted in the Facebook testers group, posted on Instagram, or displayed in your Ravelry project pages.
  • Why – Photos are required because they provide proof that you completed the test and they let me verify my pattern instructions produced the desired results.
  • Usage – I will not use your photos in the pattern or for any publicity without your specific written consent. It doesn’t have to be super quality; it just needs to be clear enough to see the pattern detail.


  • Negotiability – Deadlines are pretty firm as a release date has already scheduled. Please consider whether you will be able to complete the project by the deadline before you volunteer.
  • Reasonability – If you feel a deadline is for a test is unreasonable, please discuss it with me before you sign up. Sometimes I overestimate the time commitment that’s required (or make typoes when putting together callouts). So, if you think the deadline needs a reality check, let me know.
  • When life happens– We are all humans making our way through this world, hiccups occur and I completely understand that. If something comes up that will prevent you from finishing the project by the deadline, please contact me as soon as possible, this will ensure I don’t think you’re neglecting the test knit and well has provided me with the opportunity to work with you to make other arrangements when necessary.


  • Lack Of – Lack of communication isn’t acceptable. I will adjust deadlines, make allowances for mistakes or frogging, help you with techniques and, generally bend over backward to work with you as you finish your test. However, if you take the pattern and drop off the face of the earth (which sadly happens), don’t expect to be selected for a future test.
  • Updates – I require the following updates from each tester:
    • Start of Test – You will need to confirm that you received the pattern and let me know what yarn you will be using.
    • Progress – I will need an update at least once a week if only to say you are still alive. Updates may be sent via Ravelry, email, or social media.
    • End of test – When your test is complete, emailing notes, and sending a photo counts as your final check-in. While I appreciate photos and such being shared in our Facebook group and such, having all the final notes sent to me by email is the easiest way for me to ensure I’ve received your information and can compile everyone’s notes without searching across numerous media platforms. Failure to send in notes, via email, will result in removal from the test team as this is a vital part of the process.
    • Access – I am reachable on most social media; Ravelry, Facebook Group, Facebook page, Instagram, as well as by email.


  • Please try to be specific about what you like or dislike about a pattern you’ve tested. The only way I’m going to evolve is if you tell me what I’m doing right or wrong. Don’t be afraid to give me negative feedback, but be sure to do so politely. 😊

What You Can Expect from Me

  • Support – I’m here to help you make your test knit a success. I am open to any questions, and I will help you in any way possible.
  • Communication – I try to be completely available to you for questions. If I’m not sleeping (which isn’t often), I’m quite quick to reply to messages. I’m here to discuss problems or to listen to suggestions for improvement of the pattern. I am easy to reach via email and social media.
  • Encouragement – I will be here to help encourage you along the way! This includes cheering on your successes and picking you up where you’re struggling. I am willing to accept testers who are trying out new techniques and who are stretching themselves. That’s how people grow and develop!
  • Pattern – If you complete the test and have linked your Ravelry pattern up to the pattern page, you will receive a copy of the finished pattern when it is released. If you do not complete the test by the deadline, you will not receive a copy of the final pattern.