Wholesale Knitting Patterns

Wholesale knitting patterns are fantastic for;

  • Putting together project kits for your local yarn store, online store, or craft fair
  • Prepping for your monthly subscription boxes
  • Teaching a class
  • Gearing up for those coveted advent calendars
  • Like throwing in surprises for your customers for your online store

Available Formats

Wholesale patterns are available in two ways;

Hard copies; through our awesome wholesale retailer Deep South Fibres. These are professionally printed high-quality versions of the pattern shipped to you. rhyFlower patterns are registered for the D2 program, which means all hard copies also include a code to redeem a digital copy of the pattern on Ravelry too. The download code also grants you access to the low-visibility and screen-reader formats as well as the standard version that matches your hard copy. If you’re interested in hard copy versions, please visit https://www.deepsouthfibers.com/designers/rhyflower-knits/

Digital copies; which include a code to redeem a copy of the pattern via Ravelry or here on our website. These are one-time use codes that can be printed and included in your kits or passed along to your students, allowing them to add the pattern to their Ravelry library or downloads account on the website. They’ll be able to download from there in their preferred format (standard, low-visibility, or screen reader)! Digital wholesale patterns also include a discount on our regular retail prices!

If you’re interested in digital copies, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you within our business hours (Monday-Friday 8 am – 12 pm MST). Any wholesale requests sent outside our office hours will be swiftly replied to and fulfilled the next business day.