Consulting: A Tale of Two Experts


As a knitting designer or tech editor, navigating the complex world of the industry can be overwhelming. There are not a lot of up-to-date resources out there for our ever-changing industry. But fear not, for we are here to be your guide, armed with extensive expertise and valuable insights. My personalized one-on-one consulting sessions are thoughtfully crafted to cater to your specific needs, delving deep into your challenges to provide effective solutions. Allow us to share the inspiring success stories who have already benefited from a consultation, providing a glimpse of the transformative impact we can bring to your endeavors.


The Designer’s Journey

Meet Claire, a talented designer seeking to refine her patterns and optimize her design processes. With our guidance, Claire achieved remarkable results in a consultation. Together, we clarified her writing and pattern style, developed efficient proofreading tools, and created a coherent pattern layout that perfectly aligned with her creative vision. With newfound skills and confidence, Claire’s work soared to new heights, and she experienced true contentment in her design journey.


The Tech Editor’s Triumph

Enter Sam, a dedicated tech editor striving for a more organized and efficient business model. Through a consultation, we tackled Sam’s challenges head-on. We established systems to prevent errors, resolved scheduling conflicts, improved time and cost estimation. and enhanced client communication.  We also took steps towards setting essential boundaries for a seamless business operation. As a result, Sam emerged as a more proficient and assured tech editor, experiencing a flourishing business that exceeded all their expectations.


Your Personalized Success Story Awaits

The time has come for you to take the next step in your journey toward success. Through our consulting services, priced at $60 per 30-minute session, we will address your unique concerns and propel you toward your goals. Not a fan of Zoom meetings? Worry not, we’re open to alternative communication methods, ensuring you receive unwavering support via email.

So, let us embark on this journey together. We can untangle any complexities, and create your very own fairy tale ending! Book a consultation now using the calendar below. Let the magic of a consultation transform your path to success. Looking for more services? Click here.