10 Reasons to Love Hand-Knit Hats

  Do you love to make and wear handmade hats? If so, you’re not alone! Hand-knit hats have been around for centuries, and they’re still a popular accessory today. Whether you’re looking for something stylish, warm, or unique, hand-knit hats have a lot to offer. READ MORE

Afterthought Heel

A true Afterthought Heel can be both intimidating and liberating. Cutting into the beautiful sock you’ve just finished knitting to insert a heel is a lot of fun and makes the sock knitting process incredibly potato chippy as you just have to knit a tube READ MORE

Peasant Heel

Peasant Heels, also known as Forethought Heels or Afterthought heels with scrap yarn, are worked in the same manner as an Afterthought Heel, but with a “safety net” as you are not cutting into your knitted fabric like you would with a true Afterthought Heel. READ MORE

Standard Hand Measurements

Measuring Your first step to the perfect mitten begins with proper measurements. A mitten shouldn’t be too tight as it would impede circulation. You don’t want your mitten to be too loose either, which creates more space, resulting in a mitten that’s far less warm. READ MORE