I enjoy shawls and a variety of different shawl shapes. They’re elegant and timeless, and with a variety of styles to choose from, they are perfect for humans of all ages. There’s also no limit to the different ways to wear shawls either!

Also, with the array of amazingly talented indie-dyers in our fabulous knitting community, you’re able to knit them in any color your heart desires with endless color combos.

My favorite stretchy bind-off for shawls

Are you looking for patterns? You’ll find our shawl patterns here.

Shawl Shaping 101

Use these formulas to plug and play your desired stitch patterns into any shawl shape with ease! These are also an awesome jump-off point for budding designers who wish to take the plunge into shawl design. Knowing how to shape it will make it that much easier to achieve your goals!



Circles & Semi-circles:

Squares & Rectangles:

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