I enjoy shawls and a variety of different shawl shapes. They’re elegant and timeless, and with a variety of styles to choose from, they are perfect for humans of all ages. There’s also no limit to the different ways to wear shawls either!

Also, with the array of amazingly talented indie-dyers in our fabulous knitting community, you’re able to knit them in any color your heart desires with endless color combos.

My favorite stretchy bind-off for shawls

Are you looking for patterns? You’ll find our shawl patterns here.

Tips & Tricks

  • New to knitting lacework? You may find the technique of placing lifelines incredibly handy. A lifeline is a piece of waste yarn that allows you to rip back your stitches when you make a mistake, allowing you to start at the beginning of a repeat, rather than having to start all over again. Check out this video on YouTube! 
  • Did you drop a stitch? If you’ve noticed a dropped stitch, don’t panic or rip back to it. Grab a locking stitch marker and lock it into the loop to prevent it from unraveling further. This will give you time to assess the severity and decide if you need to rip stitches or if you’ll be able to work it back in. Check out this video on YouTube! 
  • If you’re getting lost in your lacework or finding it hard to read in the fabric, try placing stitch markers between the repeats! This technique will help you keep the pattern straight in your head and will help you notice when things are off (i.e. a missing stitch!). Check out this video on YouTube! 
  • If you find your bind-off is not stretchy enough, try going up a needle size for the bind-off! This trick will help you provide enough stretch along the edge to open up the lace motifs.

Shawl Shaping 101

Use these formulas to plug and play your desired stitch patterns into any shawl shape with ease! These are also an awesome jump-off point for budding designers who wish to take the plunge into shawl design. Knowing how to shape it will make it that much easier to achieve your goals!



Circles & Semi-circles

Have you made a shawl using one of these formulas? I’d love to see it! Tag @rhyflowerknits on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #rhyflowershawls