Tech Editing Services

1-week turnaround – frequently within three business days

Every pattern is full of potential. Tech editing maximizes that potential. A well-edited pattern makes everyone happy. Happy knitters keep coming back for more of your designs. Clean, concise, and accurate patterns are essential for a successful knitting brand.

Being self-published does not mean you need to lower your standards. Self-publishing doesn’t mean you’re unprofessional. I’m here to help boost your confidence in what you’re publishing. I’m here to support YOU in your knitwear designer journey and be a soundboard. Your success is my success!

If you have a pattern you’d like me to edit, or if you have a question for me, please email

What you can expect using rhyFlower Knits tech editing
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and language usage are checked over to ensure everything flows together coherently.
  • Ensuring the same knitting language is used throughout the pattern, and there’s a clear understanding of the instructions.
  • Checking that instructions are complete, everything required to complete the project is included in the pattern and is consistent with the industry sizing and notation standards.
  • I verify the pattern’s mathematical components! Ensuring final stitch counts are correct, repeats are logical, and finished measurements are accurate based on the provided gauge information.
  • I am checking that charts, schematics, written instructions, photos, and descriptions agree and accurately represent the knitted item.

My current rate for tech editing is $30/hour (with a one-hour minimum).  The first edit will get back to you within a week. Once you make any necessary changes, I’ll take a second run-through of the pattern and return it to you in a day or so. Rush jobs (less than 24 hours turnaround) are billed at $50/ hour (with a one-hour minimum).

Typical time estimates:
Simple accessories: 30 min – 1 hr
Complex accessories or Simple garments: 1 hr – 2 hrs
Complex garments: 2 – 5 hrs

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm MST. If you contact me outside of office hours, I will respond the next business day.

Further assistance I can provide
  • Charts from written directions.
  • Written directions from charts.
  • Design coaching – Helping you along through the design process with 1 on 1 coaching calls.
  • Ghostwriting Accessories –  Taking your design idea and creating the pattern for you!
  • I can provide pattern schematics.
  • Helping prepare your patterns for third-party publication.
  • Help to develop a style sheet to ensure brand consistency.

My Qualifications

Without a doubt, my passion is knitting. It runs through my veins. I knit daily; I’m continuously learning new techniques and mastering my skills. My love for fiber arts, the math behind it has driven me into the intricate world of tech editing. For the most part, I am a self-taught knitter, so I understand what it means to have correct and precise patterns. I love working with knitwear designers to help them provide these to their knitters!

I have 15+ years of knitting experience, real-world knitwear design experience, and test-knit for various designers. I’m an active tech editor in the knitting community with talented repeat designers who continue to work with me. I’ve taken tech editing courses like Joeli Creates Tech Editing: Masterclass and multiple other classes to understand knitwear design and how to bring a pattern to it’s fullest potential.

I believe I possess the skills to bring your pattern to the next level. To help you over any hurdles you may have stumbled over.  Having a fresh set of eyes on your design will help pull out any kinks you’re having with the flow, consistency, math, or something as simple as wording. As many designers can attest, tech editing your pattern on your own is quite impossible.

You’ll also find more resources for Knitwear Designers here.

Please note: I only offer tech editing for knitting patterns, not crochet patterns.

To view patterns I’ve previously worked on, check out the Pinterest board below (click on through to see more!).