Tech Editing

Tech Editing

Without a doubt, my passion is knitting. It runs through my veins. I knit daily, I’m continuously learning new techniques and mastering my skills. My passion for the art, the math behind it, and how happy it makes me has driven me into the world of Tech Editing.

Through 10+ years of knitting experience, design experience, test knitting experience, tech editing experience, and various courses like Joeli Creates Tech Editing: Masterclass & multiple courses to understand various knitting designs, I believe I possess the skills to bring your pattern to the next level and help you over any hurdles you may have stumbled over.  Sometimes having a fresh set of eyes on your pattern can help pull out any kinks you’re having with the flow, consistency, math, or something as simple as wording. As many designers can attest, tech editing your own pattern design is quite impossible.

What you can expect using rhyFlower Knits tech editing:

  • Checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage.
  • Ensuring consistency throughout the pattern and clarity of instructions.
  • Checking that instructions are complete and consistent with common sizing and notation standards.
  • Calculating that all the math and measurements are correct.
  • Checking that charts, schematics, written instructions, photos, and descriptions agree, and accurately represent the knitted item.
  • Posting patterns that I tech edit across my active social networks to help spread the word about new patterns that have been released to the world! Who doesn’t love help reaching new customers?!

rhyFlower Knits is accepting new clients for accessories (Shawls, Cowls, Mittens, Socks, & Hats). Currently, I have a one week turnaround time, but you can contact me in advance to schedule a tech edit to ensure we meet your required deadlines.

Our current rate for Tech Editing is $30/hour billed by the minute.  The first edit will get back to you within a week, you’ll then make any necessary changes and I’ll take a second run through of the pattern and return it to you in a day or so.

Other assistance I can provide:

  • Charts from written directions.
  • Written directions from charts.
  • Ravelry coaching – Having the right information on the pattern page makes a world of difference to its success!
  • Developing a style sheet.

If you have a pattern you’d like me to edit, or if you have a question for me, please use the form below to get in touch. Attach a PDF pattern if you’d like an estimate!