Witch's Garden

Roundup: Through the Witch’s Garden

Through the Witch’s Garden was inspired by a few variables. I adore all things witchy, which certainly includes listening to Steve Nicks of Fleetwood Mac while dancing around my century-old witchy house. Yes, I’m totally that girl behind closed doors lol. My favorite color, purple, is also considered a very witchy color. You stroll through…

Bottom-Up Square

Shawl Shaping 101: Basic Bottom-Up Square

Bottom-Up Square Shawls are the easiest to start with. It’s just like knitting a gauge swatch! You’ll cast on the number of stitches you need to obtain your desired square width, then work it flat until the length of your shawl is the same as the width.  With Gauge, stitch gauge and row gauge do…

Basic Top-Down Crescent

Shawl Shaping 101: Basic Top-Down Crescent Shawl

This shawl shape is fun and straightforward to work. A top-down crescent shawl is started at the top and worked down, with increases at each end. Aggressive blocking with a stretchy bind-off makes this shape come to life. That’s what gives crescent-shaped shawls that classic curve. An applied lace bind-off’ looks fantastic with this shawl…

Achieving Proper Fit

Achieving Proper Fit: Socks

The keys to successfully fitting socks: Take proper measurements! Foot Circumference Foot Length Use appropriate negative ease! Foot Circumference: Foot circumference is the measurement taken around the ball of your foot. Your foot circumference is generally the same as your ankle measurement and determines the number of stitches you’ll have in your leg. The sock…

Sock Yarn

Sock Yarn

Setting your sock’s intention: The first step to a great pair of socks is determining what the purpose of your socks are. Will you be wearing them hiking? Around the office? Bed socks? Depending on your use of the socks, it will have an impact on the weight of yarn you’re choosing to use. You’re…

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