Cable Cast-On

The Cable Cast-On leaves a tidy firm edge that isn’t terribly stretchy. It’s my go-to for adding on stitches to the end of rows for applied lace bind-offs, picot bind-offs, creating buttonholes, and for casting on in preparation for Garter Tabs.

Step 1: Make a slip knot, leaving a short tail, and place it on the left-hand needle.

Step 2: Knit into the slip knot, leaving the slip knot on the left-hand needle.

Step 3: Slip the new stitch back to the left-hand needle knitwise.

Step 4: Insert the needle between the last 2 stitches on the left-hand needle and wrap yarn around.

Step 5: Pull a new stitch through and slip new stitch onto the left-hand needle.

Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you have the desired number of stitches for your project.

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