Stickers from StickerCanada

Who doesn’t enjoy a good sticker? Thank you, Sticker Canada!


StickerCanada did an outstanding job creating my custom rhyFlower stickers! I’m pretty obsessed with my badass rhyFlower Knits unicorn logo in general but having her on a sticker brings me so much joy.


Let’s talk options! StickerCanada has a variety of different sticker bases (Kraft Paper, Vinyl, Bumper, and Art Paper) which lends well to having the right type of sticker for your project. They sent along a sample pack of all their interesting backdrops for their stickers too. You can have them printed with matte, gloss, and uncoated finishes, making it easy to stay on brand and achieve the exact look you’re after. I opted for Vinyl so they’re durable enough to withstand our household.


The customer service behind StickerCanada was top-notch. They’re wonderfully friendly, communicative, and professional throughout every step of the process. Proofing of my stickers was sent over to ensure it was exactly how I wanted them. There’s nothing like a little peace of mind knowing you’ll see how it’ll look printed beforehand. They really made getting custom stickers easy as pie!


Who would these appeal to in our industry?

I’m sure you’re wondering why a Knitwear Designer would find these stickers particularly useful to our little knitting industry. Here’s why?! These would be fantastic for designers to hand out at Fiber Festivals (I’ll have some on me at the next Edmonton Fibre Frolic!)! They’d be wonderful for LYS to give out to their shop visitors! Yarn dyers could send them out in their orders. 


I’d also like to note they do business cards and craft cards. I know there are yarn dyers who have these printed for their skein information – this makes them a fantastic well rounded one-stop shop for your printing needs!


Check them out here!


Full Disclosure: While the front end of this company is Canadian, my stickers did arrive from South Korea (I don’t want to mislead anyone – This Canadian-based company does manufacture

their stickers outside of Canada).

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