Tips from your Tech Editor: Open and Honest Communication

As a pattern designer, you’re a creative genius, crafting unique and beautiful designs that captivate knitters. But behind every stunning pattern lies a crucial collaborator – your tech editor. They are the unsung heroes who help refine your work, making it accessible and error-free. But did you know that open and honest communication with your tech editor can significantly enhance your creative process and confidence as a designer? Let’s delve into the importance of transparent communication with your tech editor and how it can elevate your pattern-writing journey.


The Human Element

First and foremost, it’s essential to recognize that we’re all human. Perfection isn’t expected from you right out of the gate. It’s perfectly normal to have doubts or uncertainties about certain aspects of your pattern. Maybe you’re unsure about the wording, the layout, or how well a specific technique is explained. That’s where your tech editor comes in. They’re your partner in this creative journey, not your judge. Embrace the fact that it’s okay to have reservations and concerns.


The Learning Process

One aspect of the tech editing process that is often overlooked is its role in your growth as a designer. Beyond the corrections and refinements, it’s an invaluable opportunity to learn and become more confident in your pattern-writing skills. By actively engaging with your tech editor and discussing your uncertainties, you can gain insights and knowledge that will empower you to create even better patterns in the future.

Proactive Communication

Before you dive headfirst into your project, take a moment to reflect. Identify any spots in your pattern that you’re unsure about. It could be a particular section of instructions, a choice of terminology, or even the overall structure. Don’t let these uncertainties fester in your mind. Instead, bring them up with your tech editor before you begin. This proactive approach sets the stage for productive collaboration and ensures that you’re on the same page from the outset.


Addressing Internal Worries

Sometimes, your tech editor might not flag something that’s bothering you internally simply because there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. However, your peace of mind matters. By openly discussing your concerns, you can ease your worries and gain the confidence you need to proceed with your project. Remember, a comfortable and confident designer produces their best work.



In the world of pattern design, transparent communication with your tech editor is the key to success. It’s not just about perfecting your work; it’s also a catalyst for personal growth and confidence in your craft. So, as you embark on your next creative endeavor, don’t hesitate to share your doubts and uncertainties with your tech editor. Embrace the human element, recognize the potential for learning, and proactively address your worries. Together with your tech editor, you can refine your patterns, gain confidence, and continue to inspire the knitting and crocheting community with your exceptional designs.

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